ONE OR ZERO TECHNOLOGIES SDN BHD are Information Communication Technology Company. We help organizations meet their business goals by delivering high quality ICT related projects using the latest technology. We demonstrate leadership in our core disciplines of Project Consulting, Training, Support and Systems Integrator. We have experienced developers/technical team who are passionate about what they do and relish tackling a variety of challenges. 

Our Company consists of a dynamic team of dedicated professionals who are committed to delivering the highest level of quality services and value to our customers that strives to provide our clients with the best when it comes to their ICT needs.

Company Profile

Company Profile

Founded in 2012, the ONE OR ZERO TECHNOLOGIES has grown rapidly. We have skilled professionals who were working freelance in history and now we have gather all skilled and talented professional to establish One or Zero Technologies to help and deliver a variety of innovative projects built around open source for medium and large enterprises.

Established officially in September 2012, as sole proprietorship with business registration number 94822 has been focused from the beginning to provide next generation telecommunications and information technology systems and solutions.

On 2019, ONE OR ZERO TECHNOLOGIES SDN BHD with registration business number 1312164-A is founded as Private Limited company to move further in ICT Business technology and System Integrator.

Mission & Vision

Mission and Vision

Our vision and mission remains to be building up of expertise and resources to extend the technology continuum. In the process, we contribute significantly to the Critical Success factors required in the businesses that we serve. Prioritization of right projects remain to be our forte while we take care of service transformation of your business which increases your market share.

Mobile telephony had witnessed the process of complex technology transformation and product evolution continues to engage our customers. We have evolved from laptops and desktops, to smart phones and tablets which demand better technology-based applications. We aspire to innovate and constantly nurture your dreams to transform the way that you connect to your customers.


Why? Because we believe in thinking differently.

Why we do what we do is simple, we get a buzz from it. We believe that by working with ambitious clients, open source can bring about game-changing innovation, and we think that’s exciting.

We have an ambition to be recognized and respected as the number one IT company in the world. Quite a big task, but our belief in our capacity to consistently deliver for our clients motivates us, and pushes us to test the limits of open source.

We have specialist developers, experts in the field of ICT Development.

This ensures we only have the brightest minds working for our clients.

Why do we believe we can help you?

Because we believe today is the best chance to do our best work yet

Our dedication remains towards your business and it’s upliftment through creating enabling technology solutions.